Installers of Visonic Wireless Property Protection

Visonic provides an extensive range of wireless security products and detectors for residential and commercial/industrial properties. Visonic offer advanced intrusion, safety, emergency, communication, remote observation solutions, and more.

Home Owners - Protect your family and property

What could be more important than protecting your home and family? Visonic offers complete solutions for protecting your house and everyone in it from intrusion, fire, floods, carbon monoxide and gas leaks and other hazards. Protect your family and property, when you’re at home and away.

Central Monitoring

Depend on Visonic for advanced solutions that support responsive, cost effective and efficient security monitoring services. Our wide array of visual and audio alarm verification solutions incorporate our proven security systems, detectors, integrated cameras and other peripherals, and advanced technologies to enable you to accurately assess the situation inside customers’ homes before responding

Authorized installer

Imajin Solutions Limited are authorized installers of Visonic security systems. Get the peace of mind that comes only with a correctly installed professional security system. A professionally installed system will protect your property without the inconvenience of false alarms.

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PowerMaster-33 G2 Kit With Siren
PowerMaster-30 G2 Kit With Siren
PowerMaster-10 G2 Kit With Siren
Motion Detector with Integrated Camera Next CAM PG2
Door/Window Contact MC-302V PG2
Smoke & Heat Detector SMD-427 PG2
Smoke Detector SMD-426 PG2